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Categorization of Courses:

Courses are categorized as follows:

  1. Registration of courses shall take place at a specified period at the beginning of each Semester. Each student shall, therefore, be required to present himself/herself for registration for the programme of study for which s/he has been accepted or register on line, or as may be directed by the Registry.
  2. The registration shall be carried out in the Administrative.
  3. Registration guidelines shall be distributed to students before registration begins.
  4. Students shall pay all prescribed fees to the designated banks or as prescribed.
  5. When students pay their fees, they shall be issued with receipts and clearance certificate which shall be presented to the Administrative Officer before collection of registration form.
  6. A student must register for all the compulsory and required courses prescribed by the Academic Board. In addition, each student must register for the General Studies courses which he/she is required to pass in order to qualify for the award of a degree. Before registering for a course, a student must seek the advice of level coordinator/Head of Department/Academic Dean as to his/her ability to cope with the course.
  7. Registration for the Session shall end a day before Matriculation in case of fresh students and two weeks after the College’s official date of resumption in the case of returning undergraduates or as directed by the College Management.
  8. Where a course for which students have registered cannot be taught, late registration for substitute courses will be permitted on the approval of the Provost after due recommendation by the Academic Dean.
  9. Students who are sick and cannot register for courses within the stipulated period shall duly inform the College through the Head of Department and Dean with evidence.
  10. No student shall be permitted to attend classes or use the College Library or any other facility of the College until she/he has registered.
Weighing of Courses
  1. A unit shall be measured in terms of one hour of lecture or one hour of tutorial or three hours of practical instruction. A normal course of two lectures of two hours and one hour of tutorial (i.e. a total of three contact hours per week, shall count as three units per Semester.
  2. A Long Essay of Original Project shall count as three units per Semester or six units per Session.
  3. General Studies and Special Language courses shall each count as three units per Semester.
  1. Continuous Assessment: There shall be continuous assessments in each course which shall carry thirty percent (30%) of the total marks allocated to the course. These shall be made of marks from attendance and at least two tests.
  2. Semester Examination: There shall be a written examination of (2-3) hours duration in each course at the end of the Semester.
  3. Incomplete Grade: Incomplete grade shall not be awarded to any student in any course.
  4. A candidate who on account of ill-health is unable to take an examination in any course shall take the examination at the next available opportunity. Such cases should be reported to the Academic Board.
  1. The minimum workload for a full-time student is 15 units per Semester, while the maximum is 24 units.
  2. In 100 and 200 levels, students are required to take courses from at least three (3) subject areas each Semester. No student may take more than six (6) units per Semester in each of the subject areas.
  3. 300 level students are required to take courses from at least two subject areas provided that the number of units taken in one subject area is not less than three per Semester.
  4. 400 level students shall take not less than 24 units in the two Semesters in their subject areas of specialization.
  1. All courses shall be graded out of a maximum of one-hundred percent (100%). All marks obtained shall be recorded in numerical scores and letter grades.
  2. Pass mark is fixed for forty percent (40%) and above. Any candidate who scores less than 40% in any course will be deemed to have failed the course.
  3. The overall performance of each candidate shall be determined by means of the weighted grade point obtained by awarding credit points in respect of each course multiplied by the number of units attached.
  4. The credit points awarded are as follows:
  5. 70% and above A 7
    65% - 69% B 6
    60% – 64% C 5
    55% - 59% D 4
    50% – 54% D 3
    45% – 49% E 2
    40% - 44% E 1
    0% -39% F 0

    The grade point average (GPA) is the total of weighted grade point divided by the total number of units for all the courses registered for.

  6. The Class of degree will be determined on the overall Grade Point Average as follows:
  7. First Class 4.50 and above
    Second Class Upper Division 3.50 and 4.49
    Second Class Lower Division 2.40 - 3.49
    Third Class 1.50 and 2.39
Release of Examination Results

The Final Results of candidates for the award of a degree shall be published by the Registrar after they shall have been approved by the Academic Board.

Summary of the minimum number of units for graduation can be broken into levels thus:

100 20 - 20 - 40 -
200 20 20 20 20 40 40
300 20 20 20 20 40 40
400 20 20 20 20 40 40
Grand Total 160 120

If at the end of the Second Semester in the first Session of study in the College, a student’s CGPA falls below 1.00, s/he will receive warning. So will a student beyond the first Session of study receive warning if his/her CGPA falls below 1.00 for the first time.


A student who is under “warning” and his/her CGPA falls below 1.00 in a succeeding Semester shall be placed on probation.


Any student on probation who falls below 1.00 in the following Semester shall be asked to withdraw from the College or is advised to opt for a lower program.

Disciplinary Procedure

Any student caught breaking any of the rules and regulations of the College shall be liable to punishment as may be prescribed by the Academic Board based on the recommendations of College Disciplinary Committee. The student is expected to adhere to the following rules and regulations: